Monday November 25 , 2013

It's been a while but we are still alive and kicking.

A lot has happened in these 5 years of 'digital absence' (sorry for that, we are all computer noobs so updating the page is a strugle). We finally found a real drummer so we are rehearsing like crazy to do some new shows. We have planned a couple of shows already and did a tryout yesterday to see if we still capable for doing this ols school shit. It appears we still can!!

Follow our Facebook page for more information and future show data!!




Wednesday September 24 , 2008

It has been a very long time since this has been updated. Don't worry, we are still alive and kicking!!!!

This summer we recorded a couple of new songs, written in the first months of 2008. After the recording we had a long period of silence due to some personal issues and holidays. All recent updates were mainly placed on our Myspace-site and all new updates will be placed there also. This site will be used for storage and basic info. Please check our Myspace site here

Thanx for your support and patience!!!!

Wednesday October , 2007

New cd page added with some samples!!!
Check it out....HERE

Sunday October 14, 2007

Hey there! It's been a while but we are still here!! Things are going a bit slow at the moment. Some personal reasons are holding us back, so we had to cut down our weekly rehearsals. Don't worry, we now have everyting under control. We currently are planning some gigs for next year and will be playing at Elektra Sliedrecht.

Also trying to update the homepage with the new cd- and shirt-page, but our webmaster is a very busy guy so please be patient, for info email us!!


Sunday March 18, 2007

The new CD will be presented next friday in Dordrecht at the Lexnoise gig, also we have new cool shirts, so check them out!!
If you want to buy something, please email us!!


Tuesday January 17, 2007

Hi there!
Yes we're still breathing and to prove it, we've added a few more gigs. You can find them at the gigs-section.

So be sure to be there!.


Tuesday November 14, 2006

And here's another past due update!
The gigs-section is updated, including a new gig in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel.

We've released 2 track of our upcoming release on our Myspace-account. Check them out here.


Thursday September 7, 2006

At last some new gigs! Check out the gigs-section for more details.

The new album nears completion now. We hope to get everything finished before october the 6th.
Keep checking the site for updates!


Tuesday May 30, 2006

Almost a week ago now, since we did a gig in Enschede. The audience over there was killer!
We certainly hope to play a lot more in that area.

In the last post, we mentioned we had started recording a new CD. The recording session went fine, up until the vocal parts.
Johan was ill and was not able to do his part, but after rain comes sunshine. He seems to be recovering well now and we will commence recording any day now.
For now, hold on to your horse. It may take a bit longer than expected, but it will surely come. Until then you can always check out our earlier work.
If the new material is near completion, we will post a few teasers.


Sunday February 19, 2006

Funny how things can go. One day you're planning on recording some new material, the next day you have already started it.

Ed and Marco hit the rehearsal place today, to record some new material. They finished recording the drums already.
More to come over the next month or two.

We'll drop a message when the recording has finished and post some new stuff.


Thursday February 16, 2006

At last the entire site is up and running

A new show is added for café Rocks in Enschede on the 24th of May.

In the media section you can find some mugshots, all the songs we ever recorded and even some bits of video.

Enjoy (or at least have a laugh)!


Sunday January 22, 2006

First of all, best wishes for 2006.

As you can see, the new site is finally activated. It's not done completely, but you can find most info already. There are a few points that need to be filled in, but they will come during the next weeks.

The new site has a guestbook on it, so be sure to sign it. Furthermore we are busy remastering all the old demos we made and they will be made available through these pages. This might take some time, so bear with us.

Until then, be sure to come to our show on January 28 in Hoogeveen. We wil share the stage with: Carnal Leftovers, Massive Assault, Pulverizer and God Dethroned.